Detailed Diagnostic Report Included With Initial Service

A proper diagnosis allows us to give you an accurate estimate for dependable repairs. Our technicians incorporate a complex troubleshooting process utilizing technology and a seasoned skill set to isolate mechanical, electrical, and water flow issues.

AIT Pleasure Craft Diagnostic Report includes:

  • Updated computer software
  • Thorough visual inspection
  • Overall ignition condition
  • Spark plug analysis
  • Compression Test
  • Engine oil quality
  • Fuel (condition, pressure, hose delivery, and injector resistance)

  • Battery Strength
  • Water flow and proper temperature
  • Gear lube condition
  • Control cable inspection and operation
  • Steering components
  • Overall boat safety (gauges, bilge, and navigation lights)

Don't let boat maintenance keep you out of the water

Let us come to you! Our mobile capabilities include routine and scheduled maintenance and winterizations. To schedule maintenance or speak with a technician, give us a call at 757-431-7092 or contact us by web form.